Frequently Asked Questions

Can Women Learn Shih Shui?
Yes. Women can also experience the numerous health benefit. We also have a female instructor available to teach women privately. If you are a woman interested in Shih-Shui and have any questions, she will be glad to help you out and answer your questions at no cost.

Does Shih Shui Increase Penis Size-Length-Girth?
Yes. Not only it can increase your size but it also increases the size of the blood vessels in the penis. This gives you a harder and more powerful erection. What If I Have a Serious Illness like Type-2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Problems, Hypertension Or Asthma? Can Shih Shui Help? These are conditions that Shih Shui has been traditionally recommended for to reduce, reverse or even eliminate the symptoms.

Can Shih Shui Reverse & Prevent Erectile Dysfunction Or Other Sexual Problems?
Yes. This is the main reason many people seek to learn Shih Shui.

Why Is Shih-Shui So Effective?
Shih-Shui works directly on areas of the body that are often neglected or ignored completely. It can help the practitioner attain high levels of harmony between the body and mind. Benefits are usually felt within the first week of training.