Health Benefits

Shih-Shui is a recipe for life extension. Using exercises to hack into the bodies hormonal system to naturally change hormone levels to a more youthful balance.

Shih Shui increase the circulation of Chi throughout the body opening up the meridians and cleansing the body of toxins. This causes the body to avoid stagnation and decay, evolving a stronger and robust immune system, healthier organs, and a decrease in genetic decay.

The iron shirt training in Shih Shui allows for the body to become in time immune to all but the strongest forms of physical attack.

Shih-Shui tones and invigorates the entire body including the sexual organs increasing performance for new levels of power and pleasure. Practitioners report dramatically enhanced sexual abilities and more fulfilling sexual experiences.

The HUGE BOOST in confidence & self-esteem is perhaps the most significant benefit. Many feel that they have discovered a veritable fountain of youth because of Shih-Shui!