Lesson Plan

Shih Shui Kung – Bone Marrow Washing Lesson Plan

We offer three different options for learning.

Option One

Come visit the Temple of Kung Fu daily for lessons daily for a minimum of two weeks.

Option Two

We can instruct you at your location Daily with a minimum of two weeks training if it is within reasonable driving distance of Deerfield Illinois a close Chicago suburb.

Option Three

Our instructor can come to your location within the USA or internationally. Many individuals from all over the world have learned and have rejuvenated and transformed themselves into more energetic and more sexually powerful individuals.. Please contact to arrange your lessons.

Shih Shui Kung Bone Marrow Washing training is not a one size fits all training and requires careful instruction by a certified teacher. Safety, privacy, and special attention to individual’s particular health and wellness needs are what makes training an amazing learning experience .